Technical support & sales

Thomas Bohlin

TEEBE Support

After more than 30 years experience with polymer additives in different sales and marketing positions I have decided to form my own operation. I can offer my knowledge about polymer additives, halogen free flame retardants and the Nordic plastic market.

On top of this, I also have a wide international contact network.

The latest years I have spent many hours to better understand how to utilise the properties of thermoplastic nano-composites. Nano-composites offer interesting new features and not least challenges. It’s very important to understand how to process a nano-material to reach an optimum of performance in the finished composite. 

I have knowledge in how a nano-material can enhance the properties of a polymer.

Have also worked with the sales and marketing of silicone rubbers as well as with the thermoset composite industries. 

I can offer my knowledge & support!